Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC Terms and Conditions

The most important decision is to select your preferred destination wedding or vow renewal date, and reserve that date as soon as possible to ensure availability with a non-refundable Booking Retainer. Payments may be made payable to Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC via Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express, and Personal Bank check through secured Paypal payment options. You do not need a Paypal account to make a payment.

Retainer fees are used both to book your specific date, as well as toward expenses incurred after being retained. Such expenses can include any work done before the actual wedding day, like consultations, meetings, planning and paperwork.


Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC will represent the bridal couple “Client” ** fairly and honestly, providing all agreed upon services in a professional manner to give you the most beautiful and stress-free wedding day. Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC is fully responsible for providing services to the Client as agreed between Client and Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC at the time of booking. We welcome all couples who wish to secure the bond of love in marriage! The terms “Bride” and “Groom” are not meant to discourage any couples as Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC is a LOVE friendly destination wedding company in Myrtle Beach, SC. We celebrate love as a traditional and an LGBT-friendly wedding company in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Many of our ceremony services INCLUDE site-prep, set-up, take-down, clean-up, and “day of” coordination of your Wedding or Vow Renewal Ceremony. Exceptions would be Officiant Only ceremony.

Your Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC Wedding Planner will, for a small hourly fee, assist with accommodations, reception venues, catering, restaurants, bakeries, florists, spas and salons, water sports, golf, activities, events, and other reasonable requests as needed for the most amazing and memorable destination wedding possible! We really strive to ensure you and your guests enjoy your destination wedding without stress. We highly recommend including professional Wedding Planner time for one of the most important days of your life!


As we guarantee your date and time, and therefore must turn down other weddings and ceremonies for your day and time, there are no refunds of any payments for cancelled ceremonies. Booking Retainers are non-refundable. Your retainer fee is required to reserve, book, retain, and secure your desired wedding/ceremony date and time with Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC, to the exclusion of all others for your wedding date. Retainer payments are applied towards final balances due on your wedding ceremony. In the event you must postpone your date due to circumstances beyond your control, we will work with you to reschedule your date withing 12 months from the original ceremony date. Due to the limits of the calendar and the uniqueness of some of our packages, we require that you contact us in writing within 45 days of your booked date and the circumstances of the date change. A rescheduled date is subject to availability.

If you are booking your ceremony within 30 days prior to the ceremony date, if a date is available, payment is due IN FULL within 24 hours of booking. If payment is not made within 24 hours of booking your date with us, the date and time will be released for re-booking. We will work with you in every way to make your last minute booking fit if at all possible.

VENDORS – Vendors typically require payment in full 30 days in advance of your wedding date. If you choose a la carte options, we will either add those fees to your final balance due or you may pay for these additional enhancements as you pick them.


Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC reserves the right to raise, reduce, offer special promotional pricing, and otherwise change advertised prices on our ceremony packages and a la carte products and services. Upon the date of confirmation of your booking, your pricing for CURRENT YEAR WEDDINGS (prior to December 31st of this current year) will be the price published on the Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC website at After you have booked your ceremony package, any additions, enhancements, a la carte products and services not secured at the time of booking are subject to price changes pursuant to these terms and conditions. You will be advised of the current year price of your chosen ceremony that you wish to book before your contract is confirmed.

***2019 Wedding PRICES are NOT set at this time. We cannot offer a firm price until our vendors have priced their services to Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC. When you book a wedding ceremony package for a date other than before December 31, 2018, we will inform you of the price of your wedding ceremony for future years at the time our pricing has be set for those years; which is typically set each November for the upcoming year. If you have any questions about this POLICY, please contact us.


A non-refundable booking retainer is required to reserve your ceremony date and time. Retainer amounts vary based on your package and options chosen. Upon payment of your booking retainer, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. Your wedding/ceremony reservation will be confirmed when your retainer has been received and processed.

Your non-refundable retainer will be applied to the final balance due, payable in full not later than 30 days prior to the agreed date of wedding/ceremony package including the cost of any A La Carte/Enhancement products or additional services ordered.

Transaction Fee. All payments via our online booking engine is subject to a 2.9% transaction fee. You may mail certified funds to us if you prefer not to incur this fee. Our mailing address is:

Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC
PO Box 30217
Myrtle Beach, SC 29588

FINAL PAYMENT IS DUE IN FULL 30 DAYS PRIOR to your scheduled ceremony date or Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC reserves the right to cancel the scheduled ceremony without notice unless satisfactory arrangements for payment have been made. As always, we want to assure you that we try to be as flexible as possible as unique situations sometime arise. Just let your coordinator know if you have any questions about this.

If, in the rare case, a balance has not been paid for services, the client shall pay for all reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs in seeking payment for services rendered.

Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC is not responsible for payment of services supplied by outside vendors contracted directly by the Client.


You agree that you, your bridal party and guests, Simply Seaside Weddings, our vendors and all third parties to your destination wedding are obligated to adhere to the policies, guidelines, and prohibitions set forth by the venue where your event takes place. For example, in Horry County, there are Beach Rules. Whether your destination wedding is on one of our gorgeous Grand Strand beaches, Huntington Beach State Park or Myrtle Beach State Park, or at an off beach location, all parties agree to adhere to all policies, guidelines and prohibitions set forth by the venue.


It is the Bride and Groom’s responsibility to obtain a South Carolina Marriage License. We will provide you with instructions on how to obtain your license, but this is solely your responsibility. You must present the license to the Wedding Officiate on your ceremony day. The Wedding Officiate will witness that you have signed your license and will put his or her signature on your Marriage License. One copy will go to the Bride and Groom and the other two copies will be sent by the Wedding Officiate to the County Courthouse for filing. If you do not present us with a valid Marriage License from the State of South Carolina before your ceremony, we cannot legally marry you. If you do not present us with a marriage license at the time of your ceremony because you don’t have one, there will be NO refunds. If you have any questions about this policy, please ask us. For Horry County Click Here  For Georgetown County Click Here


In the event you are having a Commitment Ceremony or Vow Renewal Ceremony and do not require a Marriage License issued by the State of South Carolina for your service, Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC will provide your Ceremony Officiate with a Commemorative Certificate which you will sign and your Officiate will put his or her signature and seal on as a lasting and tangible testament of your commitment or renewal of vows to one another.


In the event that the ceremony date and/or ceremony time is changed by Client for any reason, every reasonable effort will be made by Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC to accommodate your new date and/or time. Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC reserves the right to charge an additional fee of 10% of the total cost of all contracted services or $200, whichever is greater, for a date and/or time change.


We have many wedding Officiants who work with our company, both male and female. Unless you specify a particular desire for a male or female officiant in your notes on your wedding contract, Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC reserves the right to assign any one of our professional officiants to perform your wedding service. We have never had a anything but rave reviews for our team and you can be sure your officiant will perform your ceremony with love, warmth and professionalism. You may also request to bring your own minister or pastor to perform your wedding service. There is a small fee for the time we take to coordinate with your minister or pastor due to the time elements unique to a beach wedding.


While Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC staff will work to make your day amazing, a late start will have an impact on other scheduled events for that day. Client agrees that in the event that the ceremony begins 30 minutes after the scheduled and agreed upon start time due to lateness of the couple, a fee of $100.00 is due on the spot to continue the ceremony. Your photographer and/or other vendors’ time may be cut short due to other obligations they may have that day.

If you are late by 30 minutes or more we cannot guarantee that we will even be able to perform your ceremony as contracted since our vendors may have another event scheduled after your ceremony. If you are one hour late, the ceremony may be cancelled or we may perform the ceremony without photography or videography or other vendors, and all monies paid are non-refundable. Client further understands that late arriving guests and seasonal traffic are not grounds for delaying the start of the ceremony.


Depending on which package and services you have contracted, we allow adequate time for your ceremony, to include ceremony and post-ceremony photos. If you have contracted for additional photography or videography time, we plan that time as well.

Your Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC coordinator will provide detailed directions to your ceremony site if it is not at the hotel where you are staying. Please be sure all of your guests and bridal party have specific directions – keep in mind that some GPS systems may not be up-to-date – do not rely on GPS systems! We guide our Clients and their guests to use specific beach access that allows for ample parking and privacy on the beach.

SUMMER TRAFFIC! The Grand Strand Area has over 14 Million visitors every year. PLEASE take into consideration that this is a tourist area and traffic will be congested at times. Allow yourselves and your guest’s ample time for travel to your beach wedding/ceremony. In our experience, it takes much longer than anticipated for the bride and bridal party to prepare on this special day! To have as stress free event as possible, please ALLOW EXTRA TIME FOR PREPARATION so that your ceremony starts on time.

TIDES take precedence! We ask that our Clients understand we ask for flexibility with ceremony times for beach weddings. Some beaches on the Grand Strand have wider beach than others. We can experience very high tides and coastal flooding due to the effect of the phase of the moon, storms at sea and tidal marshes. Simply Seaside Weddings is committed to your safety, your guest’s safety and comfort, and the safety of our staff and vendors. Our equipment and decor cannot be subjected to ocean water. While we usually discuss this early on, we reserve the right to change the time of your ceremony to accommodate these natural occurrences within 4 weeks of your ceremony date.


Any cancellations to this agreement must be made in writing and you may cancel this agreement for any reason, however no refunds will be made. Your wedding date is one of the most important days of your life. Some of our clients book up to 18 months in advance. It is our policy to make FINAL PREPARATIONS with you within the 4-6 weeks leading up to your ceremony.

Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC shall not be held liable for the interruption of services due to weather, flight delays or circumstances beyond its control.

BEACH RULES AND ORDINANCES ***Effective July 2015***

There are ordinances effective July 2015 in many beach locations that limit the times available for beach ceremonies with chairs and decor to “AFTER 5PM” between May 1 and Labor Day. We keep up with local ordinances that may affect your wedding location and/or ceremony time. There are areas where we can perform weddings with chairs and decor not subject to these restrictions. For example, throughout Horry County, there are restricted areas designated for emergency service vehicles and lifeguard visibility. It is also unlawful to walk on or damage the sand dunes on our beaches. For an up-to-date list of beach rules, go here: Horry County Beach Rules.

ACTS OF GOD (“Force Majuere”)

If an Act of God, including, but not limited to, fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane or riots/war prevents your ceremony from taking place, Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC will make every effort to offer an alternative location within 20 miles or reschedule your date and/or time, subject to availability. We recommend our clients consider purchasing a wedding/ceremony insurance policy. Client agrees to fully indemnify, hold harmless and release Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC from any and all claims for damages in connection with a cancelled ceremony as a result of Acts of God as defined herein.


To the fullest extent permitted by law, and not withstanding any other provision of this Agreement, the total liability, in the aggregate, of Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC and it’s officers, directors, partners, employees, and any of them, to the Client and anyone claiming by or through the Client, for any and all claims, losses, costs or damages, including attorneys’ fees and costs and expert-witness fees and costs of any nature whatsoever or claims expenses resulting from or in any way related to the Services Contracted or the Agreement from any cause or causes shall not exceed the net total compensation received by Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC under this Agreement, or the total amount of $100, whichever is greater. Net total compensation is defined as the amount received by Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC less the any and all actual amounts paid on client’s behalf to third party vendors as evidenced by Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC corporate debit card(s), credit card(s), or check(s) paid and transaction cleared.

You agree that Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC will act in good faith as your agent in order to create the wedding services you have secured. As your agent, Simply Seaside Weddings will hire third party vendors to perform services for your ceremony. If the wedding proceeded as expected, yet there was camera, sound system, music, or video malfunction or death or disability of the photographer, videographer, or deejay vendor or other failure to fulfill by a third party hired on your behalf by Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC, due to circumstances beyond the control of Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC, liability is limited by the amount actually paid to the third party vendor by Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC.

It is intended that these limitations apply to any and all liability or cause of action however alleged or arising, unless otherwise prohibited by law.


Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC is not responsible for inclement weather. Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC reserves the right to change time and/or location in order to provide you with your seaside wedding/ceremony and beach ceremony photography in safe conditions. Please keep in mind that any outdoor event is subject to the possibility of inclement weather, although we are fortunate to have amazing weather here in the Myrtle Beach area. In the event of a mandatory evacuation due to a hurricane, we will reschedule your date, subject to availability, within 12 months of your original date. We strongly suggest you consider purchasing wedding insurance for any outdoor wedding.

Rain. It can rain up to 10 minutes before an outdoor ceremony.  IF IT’S RAINING…or if the weather is forecast that rain is likely to occur at your scheduled time and location, especially if your ceremony is scheduled between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm – Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC’s staff will do everything to move your ceremony to different time that is convenient to the couple, our staff and vendors. It’s your day and we will be as flexible as reasonably possible. In the event you wedding ceremony must be rescheduled due to weather, we will schedule your ceremony for earlier/later in the day or the next day, depending on the schedule of Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC’s staff and vendors.

The owner and coordinator will assess weather issues based the cumulative information from several weather forecasts including, AccuWeather, NOAA, local weather sources, WeatherBug and similar mobile apps, and

Thunderstorms. SAFETY is our primary concern. South Carolina is ranked 6th in “Top 10 Lightning Prone States”. Lightning from thunderstorms kills an average of 51 people per year in the US. We take this very seriously. While this is not usual, IF and when it is clear that there is imminent threat of LIGHTNING – defined as real time weather alerts that LIGHTNING is within 20 miles of a beach ceremony location – we consider this a life-threatening hazard to the couple, ceremony guests, our staff, and our vendors. When this happens, Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC staff will take measures to get everyone off the beach and not into an open shelter, rather direct everyone to the safety of their vehicles, if a closed building is not available. To ensure the safety of all involved we may accelerate the ceremony, and, if necessary, reschedule the ceremony. SAFETY COMES FIRST. If the couple chooses to cancel the rescheduled date/time available, there will be no refunds.


Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC is not responsible for securing weather back-up but will make every effort to reschedule the wedding/ceremony if inclement weather or lightning should cause your wedding/ceremony to be delayed or cancelled. At the request of Client, Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC will provide ideas to help the couple create a weather backup at an alternative location, which may include referrals for tent rentals, indoor venue referrals, the cost of which will be borne solely at the expense of the Client. The cost of securing your alternative ceremony location, if any, will be your responsibility. Should the time or date change due to hurricanes or other natural disasters, Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC will transfer all monies paid toward a mutually agreed upon ceremony date and time within 12 months of your original date, subject to availability. There will be no refunds.


Client understands that conditions on or near the beach such as wind, sand, humidity, sea-spray, and salty air can sometimes affect electronic and photographic equipment. This expensive equipment is maintained and checked regularly. While reasonable steps are taken to ensure backup equipment is available, Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC and/or its agents and vendors are not responsible for equipment failure beyond our control.


If you are like most of our Clients, you are seeking a destination wedding and are coming from out of town. Your Photographic images will be available by 1) Online Service, 2) USB Flash Drive, at the discretion of the photographer, and Videography via 1) Online Service, or 2) DVD, at the discretion of the videographer. If hard media (CD, DVD, Flash Drive), these items will be mailed to you via USPS or UPS Ground. Please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery of your images and up to 12 weeks for delivery of video.

Image and Likeness. You hereby grant Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC use rights to your image and likeness via your ceremony photography images and video under this service agreement for social media, e.g., Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc., our website(s), and for the purposes of marketing pieces such as brochures, promotional material, and advertising.


Client understands that they are responsible for paying Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC in full and/or any other vendors or services contracted directly by the Client. If client contracts with vendors such as photographers or other included vendors and/or services after booking a package ceremony, there will be no discount applied or swaps for other services of enhancementsto the ceremony package purchased. If client wishes to hire their own vendors that are included in the desired ceremony package, Simply Seaside Weddings’ wedding planner must be given their information to coordinate with them to avoid mishaps on the day of your wedding or during your wedding ceremony.

Day-before Wedding Rehearsal. We work hard to make sure we will show up on time at the agreed upon location. If you cannot make your day-before wedding rehearsal for any reason or if you wish to change the location of your rehearsal, we expect you will give us 2 hours notice via a phone call.

Third Party Photography and Videography. To ensure that third party and other wedding companies not take credit for our work (which has happened, unfortunately) and to protect our mutual interests in any dissemination of your images, we’ve had to add this clause.

Client agrees that Third Parties contracted by Client will be informed and must agree in writing to credit Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC for its creative works. We do not expect you, the Client, to address this – as we will work with your third party vendor directly as part of wedding day coordination.

A special note on Florists. Most of the offerings by Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC include floral bouquets and/or boutonnieres. If you choose to purchase additional floral or decide to hire a vendor other than Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC’s source for additional floral pieces, we cannot guarantee that your flowers will match in quality, color, or style. Our vendors are top-notch professionals who are well known for providing the highest quality floral in our market – and due to the relationships we have developed with our wholesalers, we can count on consistent quality, style, color, design, AND lower than retail pricing for you! There will be no discounts from our packages that include floral if you choose to bring your own floral bouquets, boutonnieres, or corsages.

Client shall not change the date, time or location of the wedding/ceremony without first contacting and advising Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC of intended change(s) to ascertain if Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC can accommodate the change to fulfill service obligations contracted by Client. If Client does change the date, time or location of the scheduled wedding/ceremony and Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC is unavailable to provide services as a result of the change, then Client agrees to release Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC from all contract obligations and shall in no way hold Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC, or vendors of Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC responsible or liable in any manner whatsoever for non-performance.

COMMUNICATION – TEXT MESSAGES. Texting is often a convenient way to relay a thought at 11:00 am on a Sunday in February about your June wedding. However, we have found that this can lead to losing information sent from our brides. Please DO NOT TEXT MESSAGE unless it is absolutely the only option you have during the WEEK OF YOUR WEDDING. We use email to ensure our team keeps track of your progress and all the little details to be worked out to create your dream destination beach wedding, just as you desire. EMAIL SERVES AS OUR MAIN FORM OF COMMUNICATION… back and forth between you and our team, among our staff, to and from our vendors, and also memorializes telephone and in-person conversations between you and your contact(s) with Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC, in a way that there is very little room for misunderstandings. Thank you for your cooperation on this!

COUNTERPARTS. This Agreement may be executed in counterparts, each of which shall be deemed to be an original, but all of which, taken together, shall constitute one and the same agreement.

Disclaimer: We do not provide equipment rental services.  Our decoration settings are used for the services (ceremonies) our company provides.  In addition, we provide the décor for our ceremony designs.  We do this to ensure consistent quality and to prevent décor malfunctions during the ceremony, liability, and labor costs. With the exception of a personal sign, or photograph(s) for a memorial chair, we exclusively provide the decor for your ceremony. No exceptions. We design beautiful ceremonies to meet the desires and wishes of our couples.  Should you want to add-on or change any details of a package, we can discuss this with you.  You may bring your own officiant/minister, photographer, or videographer; however, our package pricing will not change. 

GOVERNING LAW AND VENUE. This Agreement, and the rights and obligations of the Parties herein, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of South Carolina and venue for any action pursuant hereto shall be in the appropriate local, state or federal court in Horry County, South Carolina.


You may want to consider purchasing wedding/ceremony insurance. There are a number of companies that offer this, such as,, and (This is not an endorsement of any specific company and Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC does not receive any compensation from these companies.)

Bridal couples/clients (including other responsible parties or agents) who book online via our Bridal Contract (and agree to these Terms and Conditions on the Bridal Contract) with Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC acknowledge that they have reviewed, understand and agree with the terms and policies of Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC, regardless of who assumes payment for booking retainers and final balances due. All Wedding/Ceremony contracts are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC. Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC reserves the right to change, modify, and/or update these Terms and Conditions without notice.

Congratulations and thank you for choosing Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC for your special day!

**All references to the “Client” include the bride, groom, any family members, friends, employees, agents, or persons accessing and using this web site to purchase or book any product or service with Simply Seaside Weddings, LLC.